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Traffic Lawyer Singapore – Why You May Need One

Driving laws vary from one country to another and Singapore is no exception. Because they are particular to the situation, it is wise to consult an attorney when you are charged with a violation. Violating traffic laws in Singapore will likely result in at least a ticket. You may be required to appear in court. Traffic Lawyer Singapore law firms can represent you if this is the case. They are familiar with the laws and can provide you with the expert advice needed.

If you received a ticket and believe you were not at fault, defending your rights is vital. Depending on the violation with which you are charged, you may be faced with increased insurance costs, the loss of your driving privileges or more dire consequences. If the offense is more serious such as driving under the influence or an accident resulting in injury or death, consulting a lawyer is important to defend your rights.

What A Traffic Lawyer Singapore Provides

Expert legal advice is one of the benefits provided by a lawyer. Since the rules vary according to the type of moving violation that you may be charged with, it is in your best interests to talk with an attorney that knows the law. This can include the age of the driver, condition of the driver and whether it is a moving violation.

Violations can result in the accumulation of demerit points. Within a certain period of time, receiving too many demerit points may cause a driver to lose his license. This is another reason for consulting an attorney. The courts look more favorably on those who have representation. A reduction in the traffic violation may be possible.

Benefits Of Hiring A Traffic Lawyer Singapore

Not only is it possible to get a reduction in a violation with the services of a lawyer, but preventing your insurance premiums from increasing is another benefit. This can also prevent you from losing your license by accumulating too many demerit points. Fines for the violations can be rather steep as well. Often, lawyers can help to get these reduced.
Attorneys will provide you with direct, honest and expert legal answers that you can understand.