Traffic Lawyer In Singapore

Traffic Lawyer In Singapore

According to the traffic statistics released by the Singapore Police Force, there were fewer road accidents in Singapore for 2012 compared to the previous year. There were 7,168 fatal and injury accidents last year, a decrease of 758 from 7,926 cases that happened in 2011. However, despite the decrease in accidents, there were still a significant number of deaths on the road. There is also a 3.6% increase in traffic violations the same year. These figures remain a concern in the country as every violation in traffic laws can result in the loss of lives.

Wisdom Of Hiring A Traffic Lawyer In Singapore

Any traffic violation is considered a criminal offence in Singapore. It might seem excessive for those who are not familiar with Singapore laws and customs, but the Southeast Asian nation deems it necessary to criminalise traffic violations for the safety of everyone on the road. This is also perhaps why people in Singapore are truly disciplined.

However, there are still people who violate traffic laws, whether they do it deliberately or inadvertently. And when people violate traffic laws, they might lose their license, pay heavy fines, and even go to jail, depending on how grave their violation is. That is why for most, if not all, cases, hiring a traffic lawyer is necessary.

If you have a traffic violation, depending on how serious it is and how many times you have been cited, you could face heavy penalties that include the stripping off of your license. If you knew you were not in the wrong, wouldn’t you want to defend yourself against the charges? Or even if it was your fault, wouldn’t you want to have the penalties lower? Remember that traffic violations can increase your insurance premium so you might want to fight every charge against you.

How A Traffic Lawyer In Singapore Can Help

You would need to defend yourself against the charges in case you find yourself in such predicament. Traffic fines can reach thousands of dollars, and may even include the revocation of your license. Traffic lawyers can significantly reduce or totally eliminate the fines that have been set for you. They can also help you reinstate your license.

And if you find yourself in a very unfortunate situation wherein there had been injury or loss of life involved, the traffic lawyer can also help you get through it. Really grave offences as such are best dealt with a person who is quite knowledgeable about the law.