Divorce Lawyers

Letting The Divorce Lawyers Do Their Work In Your Case

Divorce Lawyers are professionals who perform valuable services in making your divorce proceedings successful. In fact, when you have made your irrevocable decision, your first step is to contact divorce attorneys to discuss the matter including the execution of the divorce writ. In Singapore, your divorce counselors can be your staunchest ally in getting your fair share of the assets, in setting fair rules on custody, and in making life easier during this most difficult time.

What Divorce Lawyers Can Do For You

Divorce attorneys are well-versed in the laws, rules and regulations governing divorce including the division of assets, maintenance, and child custody in Singapore. Their education, training and work experience are geared toward providing the following services for their clients, which other types of lawyers are more likely to be at a disadvantage considering the specialized practice:

• Provide relevant information for each step of the divorce proceedings.
• Give realistic assessment of the case from the time the divorce writ is filed to the time the divorce order is issued. For example, men must know that only the ex-wife is entitled to maintenance in such a way as to maintain her lifestyle had the marriage continued.
• Provide recommendations for psychologists and therapists with experience in divorce counseling.
• Execute the appropriate legal paperwork to speed up the process.
• Coordinate with other professionals including forensic financial analysts and financial planners.
• Negotiate with the divorce lawyers of the opposing party about matters affecting division of assets, child custody and maintenance.

What You Can Do To Help Divorce Lawyers

Again, you must treat your divorce attorneys as your staunchest allies during the proceedings. You must then do everything required to help them settle your divorce in your favor, which can include the following:

• Be honest about your financial and legal affairs even when these do not appear to have any bearing on the divorce proceedings. Get your papers in order especially the financial statements.
• Be cooperative during the meetings instead of engaging in cat fights with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Keep in mind that the divorce proceedings are not about your emotions but about putting an end to the marriage in a non-emotional venue.

In the end, your divorce lawyers can only do so much for your case. You have to help yourself, too.