Singapore Lawyer

Aspiring To Become A Singapore Lawyer? Here’s How

Becoming a lawyer is not easy. Aside from attending a university to earn a degree or diploma, there’s also a need to pass the bar examinations. There are a lot of processes involved aside from a high level of determination in order to fulfil that dream of becoming a Singapore Lawyer.

Educational Requirements Of A Singapore Lawyer

When it comes to the required educational background, you first have to obtain an academic certificate from an accredited university in Singapore. Lawyer-wannabes are lucky to have several educational institutions to choose from which offer programmes that you can use towards acquiring a law degree.

The National University of Singapore offers a 4-year course called bachelor of Law Programme, which is a good starting point. The same is being offered by the Singapore Management University. Stansfield College, on the other hand, offers a Bachelor Degree Programme in Law which you can finish in 3 years. But if you prefer a quicker route, you may opt to take up a Certified Diploma in Law which you can finish in 1 year if you’re a full-time student.

Other popular institutions for an individual aspiring to be a Singapore Lawyer are the Singapore Institute of Commerce and the Tamesek Polytechnic. They both offer a full 3-year Bachelor Programme in Law and a certificate and diploma programme in legal studies.

Passing the bar exams is also a requirement. But to be able to take part in it, it’s a must to attend a 5-month practical law course. The Board of Legal Education determines the admission as governed by the Legal Profession Act.

Singapore Lawyer – Requirements For Foreign Practice

Foreign nationals who want to go to Singapore for offshore practice are regulated by the Legal Profession (International Services) Secretariat of the Attorney-General’s Chambers or AGC. According to the website of the AGC, the following requirements have to be submitted in order to be eligible: (1) completely filled-out Form E; (2) curriculum vitae and supporting documents of the foreign lawyer; (3) $160 cheque per foreign lawyer as annual fee payable to “The Attorney-General, Singapore”.