Immigration Lawyer

What An Immigration Lawyer Can Do For You

Everyday, countless foreign nationals apply for entry to Singapore. And it isn’t difficult to understand why–Singapore has one of the world’s most progressive economies in a regional market that is both accessible and deeply rooted to its Asian cultural roots. This also explains why there are as much people who wish to work in Singapore as those who wish to live here on a permanent basis.

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority or ICA is the government body responsible for securing the country’s influx of foreign nationals, issuing the necessary travel documents, identification, passes, and permits necessary for travel and/or work in Singapore.

Among the documents that foreigners can obtain from the ICA are the entry visa, visit pass, student’s pass, re-entry pass, as well as permanent residence. For this purpose, Singapore imposes certain requirements that need to be fulfilled before being granted any of these passes and permits.

When To Call An Immigration Lawyer

There are times when foreigners find difficulty in complying with any of the requirements into obtaining these legal documents. Sometimes, problems arise especially when their requirements aren’t recognised in Singapore, such as academic records that do not contain the university dry seal. At times, there are also applicants whose applications were denied, but the applicant could not determine whether it was because of an insufficiency on the requirements or something else.

In more complex cases, there may be applicants who wish to apply for entry visas for their family members, or else permanent residence for themselves. In any of these times, individuals may consult the expertise of an Immigration Lawyer, a legal expert who can give advise regarding the legality of documents an individual has submitted, as well as possible recourses.

Roles Of An Immigration Lawyer

An Immigration Lawyer will act as your legal counsel and arbiter in making sure that your requirements are fully complied with, and that you undergo due process for your application. He or she will also guide you through each of the processes you’re going to undergo, especially when applying for permanent residence or entry visas for your family members. In cases of conflict or misunderstanding with any institution, you can consult your lawyer for legal advise as to how best to deal with them.