Criminal Lawyer

Who Needs A Criminal Lawyer?

When you hear the term “criminal attorney”, you usually envision hardened criminals behind bars as the only people who need their services. What some people do not know is that a Criminal Lawyer is actually someone who can be consulted by anyone who faces a criminal charge. No matter how big or how small a charge is, a lawyer that is well versed in criminal law should be consulted.

Why Go To A Criminal Lawyer If You Are Innocent?

While the popular saying goes “innocent until proven guilty”, you need the aid of someone who knows criminal law real well to help you actually prove that you are indeed innocent. From your arraignment to your trial, your criminal attorney will be the one to speak on your behalf and will find ways to show that you are indeed innocent of any crime. Your lawyer will help you understand what the charges are, what your best defence would be and what your options are in terms of plea bargaining.

Aside from these things, your lawyer will help you understand what can happen if you are convicted and what can be done about it. Your lawyer will help you find the best option for your case and can get you to stay out of jail by posting bail for you. They can also help you cope with the embarrassment and stigma that often comes with a criminal case.

Why You Should Not Act As Your Own Criminal Lawyer

Some people may think that representing themselves in a court of law for a criminal case can help save them a lot of money, and that they don’t need a lawyer because they are innocent. This kind of thinking can actually cause more harm than good. One of the main reasons why you should not do this is because, unless you are a licensed attorney yourself, you do not really know the ins and outs of the law.

Another reason why you should not think about self-representation is the fact that there will always be bias on your part when the case goes on trial, since you have your own interests in mind. You will also be prone to making mistakes since you are not totally well-versed in criminal law. As such, your ignorance of certain procedures and laws does not excuse you, nor will a judge give you advice regarding what you should do, should you find yourself stumbling about because you chose to represent yourself.