Criminal Law

Singapore Lawyers: The Experts In Criminal Law

Criminal Law In Singapore Is Highly Regulated

Singapore, no doubt Asia’s most powerful nation today, is believed to have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. How does this city state maintain its strong advocacy against crimes?

Clearly, Singapore stands out as an austere nation that has a penchant for criminalising acts that are otherwise considered normal and customary in other countries. Interestingly, Singapore’s society is perceived as highly regulated because of its governing body’s decision to consider a number of harmless activities (littering, non-flushing of toilets after use, sale of chewing gum, jaywalking, fellatio) as criminal offences.

Despite its reputation for having one of the lowest number of violent crimes in the world, the city state of Singapore, headed by its judicial authorities and aided of the police department, remains keen on identifying possible criminal offences. As they say, low crime does not mean no crime. From time to time, unscrupulous individuals prey on the innocent and attack the rights of law abiding citizens. During moments of injustice, citizens of Singapore can count on competent, trustworthy legal experts.

Singapore Lawyers Are Criminal Law Experts

Lawyers trained to specialise in criminal proceedings are characterised by the following:

A good Criminal Lawyer is a good communicator.

A lawyer for criminal cases knows exactly what to say at the right time. It does not matter if he or she is representing the defendant or the plaintiff. At the end of the day, he or she should be able to send the message across, using the elements of ethos and logos with competence. Citing only facts and sound logic, a good lawyer lays the basis of his or her premise and arguments in a confident, credible manner.

A good Criminal Lawyer has tenacity.

He or she is never contented with the volume of data in his or her hands. The fusion of data hunger and brute persistence inspires such legal expert to delve deep into the details of research studies when the opportunity arises.