Medical Negligence

Concern On Increasing Occurrences Of Medical Negligence

Laws protecting practitioners in the medical industry have long been established, are well organized, and are difficult to penetrate. Laws concerning negligence of medical personnel have been legislated over time for the protection of the paying public in all first world countries. Despite this, some patients still suffer injuries from medical malpractices and many are unreported. So, just imagine the plight of third world countries when a patient suffers from acts of omission by medical professionals! Although majority of medical cases are successful, there is a growing concern for increasing cases of Medical Negligence.

Overview Of Medical Negligence

Medical Negligence is an act that violates the standards of the healthcare medical practice or failure to act according to those standards, resulting in at least injury to the patient or at worse causing death. The patient has a right to recovery by treatment if this is still applicable and to compensation for economic losses. The contending parties are usually the patient and one or more practitioners. Sometimes a patient has to contend with a larger institution such as a hospital. Having competent legal help is necessary for a patient to claim benefits.

What Makes An Effective Medical Negligence Complaint?

The first ingredient for any effective complaint is always the proper documentation and recording of the details of all information related to the issue. This would include complaint letters, formal and informal, receipts of all medical procedures and fees, photographs, correspondences, and even personal diaries. Always have your own copy of letters you issued, properly received.

Complaint letters will always be the starting document of medical malpractice cases. The number of levels or hierarchies to go through will depend on your local system. Apologies issued during early stages of the process are not necessarily bases for a legal claim.

After all necessary documents have been adequately organized a competent solicitor is the most important element for an effective complaint against medical issues.